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Jim was awesome

Jim was awesome. Our group thoroughly enjoyed his skit. He was right-on for customizing to our industry & his on the spot humor was incredible.

Audi Denver

Funny, funny, funny

Funny, funny, funny .... good clean fun! He is a class act! We will go see his show again!

Maggie H.
Worcester, MA

Jim is hysterical…

Great show-Jim is hysterical and kept me laughing the entire show!!!!!!

Kim P.
Boston, MA

Jim’s Performance Was Perfect

Jim Colliton's performance was perfect for our annual AIEP Host Family Appreciation gala. His clean humor, funny family stories, and interactive conversation with the audience was the highlight of the evening. We strongly recommend Jim for your future corporate events. Thank you Jim for a truly entertaining evening!

L. Guerrera
Apex International Education Partners

Fun times!

Great show at the Old Salt tonight. Fun times! Jim is a very funny guy. Maybe he will play the Legion sometime. 😁😁😁

Sue Z.
Hampton, NH

He had us in stitches…

My husband and I and our 18 year old twins just saw Jim on our cruise to Bermuda! He was absolutely fabulous. Good clean humor about everyday life with the family which we could definitely relate to. Absolutely hysterical show, he had us in stitches. Thanks for making our family vacation even better!

Denise O.
Pelham, NH

I was crying

I was just on the Royal Caribbean cruise and saw Jim perform and no joke, I was crying. That was easily the funniest comedy show I've ever been too!

Lance L.
Scottsdale, AZ

…perfect for our corporate audience

"Our Pepsi Media Summit was a huge success with Jim's comedy! He instantaneously had the crowds in stitches and set a positive tone for our 2-day event. From relating to everyday office occurrences to everyday life, Jim's comedy was perfect for our corporate audience."

A. Maneikis
Pepsi Bottling Group

jim put on a great show

"Jim put on a great show for our 150 guests. Not only was he very funny, but his humor fit in well with our corporate values with respect to diversity and inclusion. Thanks Jim."

M. Joslow
GE Aviation

4 stars! What a quick wit!

We saw Jim and his parents act tonight in Norwood and loved it. A hallmark of the best comedians is their fast responses to questions. This guy is a quick to center up with funny responses as anyone I have ever seen. One funny guy! Do your self a favor and catch one of his shows. We laughed the night away.

Steve L.
Chicago, IL



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